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PTL Attention Basic
Viktor Nübel

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PTL Attention Basic: This is the basic truetype version for western typsetting; it is the economically priced version of the typeface.

We also offer:

PTL Attention Basic Pro - truetype, latin multilanguage
PTL Attention Std. - OpenType, incl. features
PTL Attention Pro - OpenType, incl. features + latin multilanguage

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PTL Attention a robust and contemporary sans serif type family with it’s very own characteristics. Made for work in text as well as display it comes with nine weights in two styles, including small caps, a set of contemporary OpenType features, all standard figure sets and a rich language support.
The concept for PTL Attention goes back to the days of Viktor’s thesis »Type Attack!«. From the beginning there was the idea not only to have a display stencil type like PTL Attack, but also to create a more serious companion.
One of the intentions while designing it was also to come to an result that shows not another feel-good, streamlined corporate typeface. A pinch of ›anti‹ should vibrate with it. Nevertheless the main intention was to create a highly legible and useful type family.