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PTL Roletta Sans Basic
Andrea Tinnes

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PTL Roletta Sans View

PTL Roletta Slab View

PTL Roletta Sans and Slab: After seven years of work, primetype hast just released PTL Roletta, a comprehensive round family consisting of a sans and a slab variant, combining functionality and playfulness. Originally designed for the use on screen, the typeface works equally well as a text face on paper. While Roletta’s round shapes are discreet and barely visible at small sizes, they give the typeface its distinctive character with many refined details when used at display sizes. With five weights per style, including caps and italics, PTL Roletta Sans and Slab are excellent companions, well-suited for a wide range of text uses. The OpenType version includes many advanced layout features with various figure sets, alternate characters and geometric symbols. The basic TrueType version contains the normal range of characters.

The typeface will be extended with more family members.

Andrea Tinnes is a Berlin based designer and professor of type and typography at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle. She released her typefaces PTL Skopex Gothic and Serif at the primetype library.

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PTL Roletta Sans | OpenType
PTL Roletta Slab | OpenType

PTL Roletta Sans Basic | TrueType
PTL Roletta Slab Basic | TrueType

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PTL Roletta Sans + Slab | Complete | OpenType 590 Euro / normal 760 Euro

(all prices plus vat tax)

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OpenType: The PTL Roletta is available as OpenType incl. caps, figure sets, alternates and experts.

TrueType: The PTL Roletta Basic is available as TrueType with standard western encoding. Features like optional figure sets, alternates or expert sets are not included. Normal fonts and Caps fonts are separate. (others name this fonts «Office», we think «Basic» is the better naming)

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