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PTL Attack
Viktor Nübel

PTL Attack (PDF, 448 KB)

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PTL Attack is a italic headline-font, based on a stencil-form. It is available in 3 weights: bold, medium and regular - and comes with expert-sets, medieval and lining-figures. The typeface follows the thesis „Type Attack!“, that creates a corporate typeface for the anti-globalisation network attac. It´s based on a stencil for capital letters to create protest-banners and posters. The difference to conventional stencil-letters is, that you don't have one stencil for each letter but one stencil for all letters. This stencil has six shapes, that allows you to create all capital letters and numbers. PTL Attack is the digital derivation from this analogues protest-typography. It has been extended to a small type-family, with small-letters, two more weights and all standard characters.

Now multilanguage: PTL Attack Rough!