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PTL Notes Mono
Ole Schäfer

PTL Notes Mono (PDF, 55 KB)

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The PTL Notes type family is a constructed Sans Serif face. It has been inspired by the so-called standard typefaces, a very German tradition of regulating the use of type. Certain typefaces have been determined to be used for signs, forms and maps. People accept these rules just as a law although they have actually been only recommendations. The PTL Notes type family does not claim to be a standard typeface nor had the designer the intention to treat them ironically - it is just an alternative. Ole Schäfer has designed a constructed typeface suitable for text as well for signs. Unlike many standard fonts this type family has all the typographic styles and characters such as Italics, Caps, old style and tabular figures, fractions and different arrows in all weights. The family includes Regular, Medium and Bold. A Roman Monospaced family with alternate characters is also available. The Monospaced version with Regular, Medium and Bold is a useful addition for letters, forms, invoices, etc.