Service: Schrift, Schriften, font, fonts, typeface, typefaces, corporate type, custom type, Schriftbearbeitung, OpenType, OpenType Pro, editorial design

Our service range includes:

- Completion/modification of characters
- Design of figure sets
- new design of typefaces
- Artwork/production of logo fonts
- Kerning, spacing of fonts
- Conversions into other formats
- Production of foreign language sets

Modifications of fonts that are not part of the primetype library are subject of the license conditions of the respective font foundry. We will be happy to help you in such a case.

Basictype: PTL Notes Soft
- individual characters
- muli language

Basictype: PTL Notes Soft
- individual characters
- new weights: Thin, Light

Basictype: Heidelberg Gothic, Antiqua
- new weights
- new Caps
- new spacing & kerning, new Italic